Community Firearm Violence Prevention Network Data Repository

We are in the process of gathering data for our data repository on community firearm violence prevention research. This data repository will be a topical research data archive where Community Firearm Violence Prevention Network researchers will deposit data from their research projects.


The Coordinating Center team, in collaboration with the Inter-University Consortium for Political and Social Research at the University of Michigan will link and archive data from the research projects across the network.


This data will make a valuable contribution to the field and will be made accessible to researchers to enhance the data available for firearm violence prevention research. This will become a key resource to access data from our novel community-level interventions.


We anticipate data to be uploaded in the second phase of our research program which will begin in the fall of 2024.

Access Firearm Injury Prevention Data

The Institute for Firearm Injury Prevention maintains the largest database of publicly available data on pediatric firearm variables in the United States. This database was originally established by the National Institutes of Health-funded Firearm Safety Among Children and Teens Consortium which was led by the University of Michigan. 

Here, you  can browse available data from over 100 studies and 200,000 variables. Sort by subject terms, funding agency, types of analysis, time period, geography and more.