Michelle Brassfield, BSM

Violence Research Manager, A Proposal to Establish the Mississippi Violence Injury Prevention (VIP) Program

University of Mississippi Medical Center


Michelle Brassfield is a Violence Research Manager with the University of Mississippi Medical Center project, “A Proposal to Establish the Mississippi Violence Injury Prevention (VIP) Program” and is a member of the Data & Methods Workgroup and Community Engagement Workgroup for the Community Firearm Violence Prevention Network.

Michelle’s leadership and passion began as a co-owner of a construction business based in an inner-city neighborhood where random and frequent shootings would occur during business hours. She also grew up in impoverished areas with high gangs, drugs, and crime rates. Today, many high school classmates of Ms. Brassfield’s children suffer mortalities due to gun violence. Ms. Brassfield supports research designed to improve individual wellness thereby improving society for all.

Michelle Brassfield is a Magna Cum Laude, Science in Business Management graduate of Belhaven University who has a unique service Worldview. That Worldview further propelled service to the local communities. Her career background includes service in Continuing Health Profession Education; School of Health-Related Professions; School of Dentistry; Psychology, Public Health; Family and Emergency Medicine; Clinical Research, as well as the School of Nursing. Her personal community involvement includes serving as a Jackson Research Center Board Member, a housing solution for the homeless, Al-Anon Family Groups, and various community affairs. She lends her voice and project management abilities to church, community fundraisers, and events.

Ms. Brassfield is an advocate and spokesperson for overall wellness, public health, and safety. She works in the community to improve health and wealth disparities, teaching and advocating for family and financial planning. Her work also includes empowering our youth with a special concentration on minority communities. She is invested in and committed to fighting racism, health and wealth disparities, substance use disorder, violence, and gun violence specifically occurring in poverty-stricken minority communities.

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